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Dan Gillmor’s article September 29, Webloggers offer views media can’t,[1] offers an open-minded, healthy perspective with which I also happen to agree—that traditional media and weblogs complement one another. A couple of excerpts:

“One lesson here was the synergy between old and new media. Traditional journalists have learned the value of paying attention to what goes online and often use Web sites as a tip sheet.

“We should go further. We need to recognize what Farber and the webloggers implicitly grasp—that our readers, listeners and viewers collectively know more, vastly more, than we do.

“. . . Some qualities of journalism should not change. Professional journalists will always have an obligation to bring to their work skepticism, hard-edged reporting, a mania for accuracy, a commitment to fairness.”

There have been several articles covering this, which I’ve discussed here in addition to Dan Gillmor's:

More Resources

1 Addendum August 29, 2003: If you have trouble accessing Dan Gillmor’s article quoted above, there’s a shorter version of it archived at his site at Journalistm 3.0, September 28, 2001.

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