Font Aid II: Type Designers Join Together To Raise Money for the Red Cross

collage showing a few of the new glyphs from September Eleven, a new font for Font Aid II.Right after the September 11 attacks some of the best type designers from all over the world joined together via the Society of Typographic Aficionados to figure out a way to raise money to help the victims and their loved ones. Inspired by Claes Källarsson’s Font Aid last year, Stuart Sandler suggested using their special skills to jointly create a font that could be sold online, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross. Thus, Font Aid II was born.

The designers agreed to each create one question mark glyph. To the right are just a few of the results of their new September Eleven font. There are close to 100 question mark glyphs created by designers in 20 countries throughout the world. As you’ll see in the graphic map of each character, each one is quite unique, some being easily recognizable question marks and others only using the shape or idea of a question mark as a basis for their creations. They are all related to the September 11 attacks in some way. Some are patriotic, some are abstract, some are trendy, and regardless of style, each one is high quality and interesting.

To receive this new font, you can donate money to the Red Cross via MyFonts, where you can contribute from $5 to $500, immediately downloading the font or receiving it via email. MyFonts also lists who created each glyph with links to information about many of them, full character maps, and the ability to "test drive" the font at the site, too.

[Font Aid II. Donate to the Red Cross to help victims from the September 11 attacks and receive a new font, too.] You can read more about the Font Aid II project at the Society of Typographic Aficionados Web site and also choose a graphic button to display at your site to let people know about their project. Here’s their press release from September 13th:


Date: 9/13/01

Dear Associate,

Do you, like me, feel humbled almost into insignificance by the magnitude of the horrible events of September 11th, 2001? Probably most of us feel sickened and hopeless. I sit here wondering how my skills can help the causes of humanity or humanitarianism. My chosen trade seems to limit my options for expressing compassion and assistance (and my recent visits to the UK preclude my donating blood to the Red Cross).

But there is, after all, something specific that we in the typographic community can do. Type designer Stuart Sandler has made a proposal that may help. Inspired by Claes Källarsson’s Font Aid, Stuart has initiated Font Aid II, a collaborative "font" in which each glyph will be designed by a different type designer. We will make the finished product available to members of the public as a token thank you for their donations to the Red Cross and victim relief efforts.

The Society of Typographic Aficionados will act as the organizing body to ensure that all funds are donated as promised. You can get more information about this project at the SoTA website,

When civilized life is threatened, artists should use their talents to speak out against barbarism. As a fellow type designer, you can help by donating your glyph to this cause. I hope you will participate by donating through the Font Aid II channel. In this small way, type designers can give something specific to the relief efforts.

Richard Kegler
Board of Directors Chair, Society of Typographic Aficionados

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