Bin Laden Video Tapes A Chilling Message

I just watched the video on NBC News of Bin Laden’s chilling message to Americans and the world. As I write this, reports vary as to when this was taped, but it was made sometime after the September 11 attacks and probably before the initial attacks to Afghanistan by the U.S. and Great Britain earlier Sunday morning.

News Reports

Here are some reports about his video. You may note that the translations can vary a bit, but the message remains.

Bin Laden: No 'security or safety' for U.S.
[10/07/01 6:56 PM EDT,]

Bin Laden appears on video to threaten US
[10/08/01 by Audrey Gillan in Washington, Guardian Unlimited]

Text of Osama bin Laden’s statement released after attacks (Transcript)
[10/08/01 Nando Times]

Osama bin Laden: 'America will never feel safety' (Video available online)

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