Speaking Up Gets Attention - the Latest About the W3C Patent Policy and RAND

Tuesday Oct. 9 Nathan Cochran wrote Web standards debate raises ire for I.T. Cochran notes that the W3 has indeed been listening to the multitude of letters that have flooded in to the W3’s Patent Recommendation discussion list. The board meets October 15, so let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that they’ll take our combined voices into consideration and make some adjustments to this Patent draft.

We live in a democracy. We’re supposed to be able to voice our opinions, share our thoughts freely, vehemently voice concerns when something isn’t quite right and make an impact. Given our current crazy world situation, this is another reminder of the importance of freedom and how precious it truly is. I don’t think we’ll be taking that for granted for a long time.

See the archive section here on WaSP and Web Standards for more details and resources.

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