Meet MiniMono, a New Variation on the Classic Mini7 Pixel Font

Sample navigation using MiniMono, a new font by Joe Gillespie. Navigation sample by SKDesigns.Joe Gillespie’s Mini7 font has been a longtime classic pixel font. Joe has now created a variation of the Mini7 font, the new MiniMono, the timing of which is perfect for the 5-year anniversary of his well respected Web Page Design for Designers site, too.

MiniMono is a monospaced version of Mini7, meaning that all the characters will align horizontally and vertically (on a 7x7 grid). Joe provides excellent tips and instructions to get you started playing with this new set of fonts. The main difference in working with pixel fonts, or bitmap fonts, is to turn off anti-aliasing in Photoshop or other graphics program. They are specifically designed for the square pixels onscreen, and they also are most clear at the size(s) specified by the designer.

As shown in the sample below, in addition to MiniMono regular, there’s MiniMono Blox, with each character being a reversed-out solid square. Sample of MiniMono font family, new font by Joe Gillespie I made each letter a different color to show the squares. MiniMono Klip is similar but with the top and bottom rows of pixels removed for a clipped effect. The fonts can be combined for some interesting effects or used on their own.

Playing and experimenting with MinoMono shows me once again the preciseness and careful detail of Joe’s fonts. The letters are sharp, clean, and spaced perfectly, as you can see especially in the navigation sample above.

MiniMono contains a full upper case character set, including accents. MiniMono Blox and MinoMono Klip contain alphanumeric characters and punctuation. Also included, as usual, are the Extras. For the navigation sample shown, the border frame and arrows were created quite easily with MiniMono Extras.

So check out Joe’s new MiniMono font at the WPDFD site. While you’re there, I think you’ll enjoy the 5th anniversary articles, the past issues, the abundant resources and tips, and the rest of Joe’s well designed fonts.

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