New Tutorial: Converting Existing Content to CSS

Yours truly has written a new interactive tutorial to help people learn the basics of converting a web page or an entire site from using <font> tags to using CSS to designate fonts, colors, hyperlinks, formatting, and using style blocks and external style sheets. This new tutorial is geared for those who know some HTML but haven’t tried style sheets yet.

partial screen shot of web page created during tutorialThis introductory, down to basics tutorial will guide you along with concise instructions, tips, and examples each step of the way. All the markup is included as you work your way through each step building your style block for a web page. You can trade in your style block for an external style sheet if you wish, too. When you finish the tutorial, you’ll have a basic completed web page and all the style sheet markup to use as a guide for other projects and as a base for learning more.

Converting Existing Content to CSS marks the beginning of a new series of style sheets tutorials at So stay tuned for future doses where we’ll add class to a web page using the class attribute next, and then continue building on what is previously covered.

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