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I seldom directly mention in my daily writing the sites that I visit on a daily basis. There are just the occasional link references at the bottom of my posts, and there’s a list of "daily reads" in the right column here with links to more, too. The reality is, though, that these independent content writers' daily writings have become an integral part of my everyday life and the daily lives of many others, too.

Weblogs and other independent content varies as much as each one of us does, with their own unique personalities. From here on, at least once a week I’ll be writing about those that I read all the time and new ones that I discover along the way. I’ll start off with one of my favorites, the What’s New web log at Digital Web Magazine.

Digital Web is one of the best sites out there related to web design and development, with monthly articles, tutorials, interviews, product reviews, columns, and more. Digital Web Magazine’s What’s New - screenshotThe What’s New section is a gold mine also, with updates added frequently, sometimes several times a day. Packed with wit, interesting information, links to inspire, learn from, have fun visiting, and more, the posts are usually somehow related to web design, the Internet, or technology.

Digital Web’s Editor in Chief, Nick Finck, writes the bulk of these terrific posts, but others contribute as well, including Digital Web’s Managing Producer Ben Henick, Meryl Evans, Molly Holzschlag, Derek Powazek, yours truly on occasion, and others.

Visiting Digital Web Magazine What’s New always brings a smile to my face with its overall upbeat and fun spirit, and I look forward to seeing what great finds are listed each day. My one warning is that you may find it as addictive as I do and that you’ll want to visit often.

By the way, I welcome submission ideas for the Links section, for Reviews, the Attack on America section and elsewhere at Brainstorms and Raves. Submit your own site or some that you especially like!

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