IAwiki’s BlogsOfNote

Interested in finding helpful weblogs for information architecture? There’s a goldmine of them at IAwiki’s BlogsOfNote page. What’s especially helpful about this listing is that they’re individually annotated, some going into a fair amount of detail, too. My bookmarks are growing....

Among some of my favorites are Christine Wodtke’s Elegant Hack, Louis Rosenfeld’s Bloug, Michael Angeles' IASlash, and well, there’s no point in duplicating IAwiki’s BlogsOfNote. I think you’ll find they’ve listed many of the best weblog sites for IA.

IAwiki is also a new collaborative wiki devoted to information architecture. It’s definitely off to a great start, quickly building a high quality, helpful resource.

What’s a wiki? Check out how it’s different from a web log with the helpful article and information at One Minute Wiki.

What is information architecture and why does it matter? Well, if you design or own a Web site, it’s very important. Information architecture is all around us, though. How about what happens when you walk around a bookstore? Can you find what you’re looking for very easily? Chances are good that an information architect helped make those books easy to find, too. You can learn lots about information architecture via the above weblogs, and there are also some helpful annotated resources at’s sections on Information Architecture and Usability.

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