The Basics of Converting Your Site to XHTML

Do you have the impression that XHTML means a whole lot of work to learn? There’s a new introductory tutorial at SitePoint that will help dispel that myth! XHTML - An Introduction, by Nick Wilson, is a good, down to basics way to see the key points for XHTML. You’ll see that it’s just a matter of building on the HTML skills that you already know. It’s really not so scary, you’ll see!

Why bother learning XHTML? Well, it’s been the latest recommendation by W3C (no longer HTML 4.01) for awhile now, for starters.

Once you’ve seen that introduction, check out a brand new book by Molly Holzschlag published by New Riders, XML, HTML, XHTML Magic. This time Molly joined with several other authors as a collaborative team, including Martin L. de Vore, Christopher Schmitt, Steve Franklin, Jason Cranford Teague, and John Kuhlman. Read a terrific review by Meryl Evans at WebReference, and Molly’s site has more information and a listing to more reviews. I’ll write my two cents here as soon as I’ve had a chance to read it, too.’s XHTML section has annotated links to W3C information, tutorials, and resources, too.

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