Another Fun Design Weblog and More

This morning I discovered a nicely done and information-packed design weblog that’s more than a weblog, The Study of Design.

The Study of Design weblog has interesting, well-written entries with high quality links to resources around the Web related to design (mostly Web design). But wait, there’s more! In the left side navigation you’ll find links to design portals, design firms, designer portfolios, magazines, books, and stock photography. Across the top navigation you’ll find links to sections within the site, including articles within the site, outlines for content copy ideas (fantastic resource!), links to dictionaries online and a growing one there, the site owner’s portfolio, and more.

Designers' portfolios can be a wonderful source of inspiration, and this one is no exception. She’s clearly very talented with Web design, illustrating, logo work, Flash, and more. Ah, visiting this site on this early Monday morning in California has been a great way to start the week. You’ll find this new design weblog (and more!) listed here at B&R’s Links.

Weblog Names, Titles Matter

I just happened to glance at the latest entries at Blogger when I logged in to make my Monday morning post, and the title caught my eye. Titles definitely make a difference, don’t they?! Well, that’s the subject for a thesis, or at least some good articles. Stay tuned as I explore that one! If anyone knows some links, send them my way!

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