New Book on Web Design

[Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works, by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler]Web Redesign : Workflow That Works, by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler has a good review at Slashdot by Steve McLaughlin. As Steve’s review states, it really covers more than redesign. At the book’s companion site, Linda Weinman also states,

"Even though the title of this book is focused on a redesign, this book will help you with any form of design at any stage of any web site. So often, developers and designers end up inventing many critical processes that this book will help you better control, such as planning, budgeting, scheduling, testing, and client relations."

You can get a glimpse into the book at the companion site and download goodies, too. Looks like another book for the wishlist.

[hat tip: link to slashdot review via Digital Web’s What’s New]

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