A Free Kaiser Font!

[Kaiser Font sample]I was innocently reading about the latest free fonts at Chank Diesel’s site when I was quite surprised to find a font with my last name—a Kaiser font! Well, there’s Kaiser beer in Austria and now there’s a Kaiser font. Totally amused, I had to check it out, much like I had to try the Kaiser beer in Austria at the time, of course.

The free Kaiser font was initially designed for a story in the August issue of Surfer Magazine by Jeff Canham. Jeff needed something to represent the story about tow-in surfing that was "bold and industrial to reflect the heaviness of the waves and the fact that they were accessible only with machines." When he liked the look of the design for the story Jeff went ahead and created the font.

In trying it out, I found the Kaiser font interesting indeed. It’s a unique stencil design and a good style to have in one’s title fonts collection. It’s the most clear and looks best at a larger size.

By the way, if you’re interested in trying out Kaiser beer in the U.S. (it’s very good!), it is imported but it’s not easy to find. International Import Export of Los Angeles, California is one of the importers, according to Tom Carr at

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