Tim Berners-Lee Blasts Microsoft’s Browser Antics

In a Wednesday email interview with C|Net about Microsoft’s latest antics, Thursday’s Rival browsers benefiting from MSN gaffe covers Tim Berners-Lee’s thoughts about Microsoft’s latest antics and how he has envisioned the Web. The interview is also covered in The Register: Berners-Lee slams 'blatant' MS browser tactics. Here’s an excerpt of what Berners-Lee had to say:

"Obviously this was a blatant attempt to use the leverage of some content to produce domination at the software layer.

"...let’s talk about the architecture of the Web, and its community practices. I have fought since the beginning of the Web for its openness: that anyone can read Web pages with any software running on any hardware.

"This is what makes the Web itself. This is the environment into which so many people have invested so much energy and creativity. When I see any Web site claim to be only readable using particular hardware or software, I cringe--they are pining for the bad old days when each piece of information needed a different program to access it.

"...I feel that open, competitive markets, free thought and democracy all flourish only when we defend the medium itself as being independent. That may mean constraints that carriers cannot also supply software, that suppliers of generic software should be constrained from competing in markets which that software gives access to."

Dan Gillmor also interviewed Berners-Lee last Friday, October 26th. See my post here, Tim Berners-Lee’s Opinion About Microsoft’s Antics.

I wonder what Microsoft will say in its defense at this point.

For more, see my post earlier today and previous posts.

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