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More on Accessible Sites

Guidelines for Building an Accessible Web Site, by James Byrne, is a helpful article about why and how to build accessible Web sites. He covers the W3C, the wide range of user needs for accessibility, why it matters, building large sites that are accessibility friendly, using images, videos, and much more.

When I dug into the guidelines that he wrote, I found that he also provides examples of how to use the ALT attribute, manage color for the color blind, markup and CSS, tables, frames, various devices, clear navigation, and so much more. He includes lots of examples and links to further information and resources. It covers a lot of ground.

Byrne has a good collection of informative articles that he’s written on accessibility and resources to more information at the site, too.

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Cover - Web Design in a Nutshell : A Desktop Quick Reference, 3rd Ed. By Jennifer Niederst Robbins. Pub: OReilly Media (February 21, 2006).

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