Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform Forms

If you’ve done much web design with forms and form fields, you’ve probably seen that their visual presentation is quite different in the various browsers and platforms (what else is new?!). Jukka Korpela has put together a tutorial, Affecting the presentation of form fields on Web pages, with screenshots and ideas for what you can do with the visual presentation.

This tutorial has ideas for workarounds, what to watch out for (especially Netscape 4), screenshots showing the differences in Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4, and Lynx 2.8. While these are older browsers, most of us still need to make sure our pages work for version 4 browsers, so this a valuable resource for this especially. And this tutorial is kept up-to-date with CSS issues and workarounds, too.

Korpella also has a terrific page of annotated resources to tutorials, tips, workarounds, How to write HTML forms. This page in particular will guide you to just about anything you’d want to know about typical forms for your pages.

Korpella’s approach is generally quite practical, with daily life questions and answers, tips, and workarounds. Korpella has written quite a few tutorials and tips and also leads readers to where to find the information needed from people who know what they’re doing (authoritative information).

More Info has annotated resources on HTML, CSS, and more Web Resources, too.

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