New Issue at Digital Web!

This month’s theme at Digital Web is content, an often far too neglected aspect of Web sites. This month’s issue will provide a good education and dose of why good quality content matters, in addition to a delightful interview and other features.

Drew Europeo created the always interesting artwork for this month’s cover of Digital Web. So far I’ve read the terrific interview by Nick Finck and Ben Henick with the team from dreaming america. I smiled, laughed, and enjoyed the insight. I always learn so much from hearing what others are doing in our industry, how they got started, what motivates them, where their passions are, and how they weather the busy and lean times. I had the pleasure of meeting them in Portland in August, so I was even more delighted to read this one.

I’ve quickly scanned through the rest of the great articles, and now that I’ve gotten this glimpse, I’m especially looking forward to reading them in further detail. They all look fantastic, as always. Here’s the rundown of what you’ll find:
Christopher Schmitt wrote the feature, Content as Navigation Tool, Or, the Journey is More Important Than the Destination. Miraz Jordan wrote about new users in What’s happening? A new look at Web pages. Nick and Ben interview Scott Benish and Josh Kneedler of dreaming america. Peter Fielding’s regular column, ProDotCon, is titled, Written Content To Keep the Content Contented, and this month’s DigiSect by Stephen Van Doren is on Content. This month’s product review by Jesse Nieminen is on Painter 7.

A new addition to Digital Web is a book review, which is great to see! James McNally has joined the crew, this month writing on Web Design Essentials & Robin Williams Web Design Workshop.

Another of my favorite features of Digital Web is the What’s New section with links and tidbits to great sites and resources. The Classifieds and Resources are always good visits, too.

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