Weblogging—What Is It Anyway?

In Part I of a two-part series, Chris Ashley set out to explain what weblogs are all about in Weblogging: Another kind of website for the fall issue of Berkeley Computing and Communications. What I read about their experience didn’t surprise me since I’ve been a dedicated weblogger, but check out what he wrote after installing Manila, a content management system that includes a weblog tool, to their server at Berkeley’s Interactive University (IU). Did I ever smile reading this, being a firm believer in these types of tools and what they can do!/p>

"Within weeks the IU experienced a revolutionary change in thinking about what a website is, how they’re hosted, what they’re used for, how they’re built, and who owns them. A year and a half later, all of the IU’s websites are being produced using weblog technology, our team communications and sharing have been vitally enhanced, and a number of our team members are regularly writing on the web, as are many of our University/K-12 projects and the K-12 teachers we work with.

"...During the last year, articles in the New Yorker, the SF Chronicle, and other publications have portrayed weblogging as little more than the exuberantly recorded, vacuous byproducts of fun-loving dotcommers in search of love, new entrepreneurial opportunities, and urban fun. Fortunately, there’s far more to weblogging than that."

That’s only the beginning of this very informative article, too. Chris explores weblogs, describing what they’re all about, what the trends have been, the variety of weblog approaches, some of the weblogs he likes that are also well-known and highly regarded. He also discusses how the tool has been implemented by teachers to enhance and help their teaching.

In addition to being so well written, Chris has many top-notch references and links about weblogging. I’m definitely adding this one to my bookmarks and look forward to Part II in the series when he’ll further explore this technology.

[Chris has also published this article at his Web site.]

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