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In a Design Rut? Or is That Your Design Signature?

Carole Guevin’s new article, Don’t Kid Yourself, explains the elements of a design signature and how you can tell the difference between that and being in a design rut. She does so in a witty, fun, interesting way, describing her own journey with learning to create, learning about colors, and discovering her design signature. Carole writes,

"Every new color I tackled was another discovery for me, and this led me to the belief that taste is acquired by experimentation."

Carole Guevin is an amazingly talented designer who has been one of my inspirations. Reading her article today about some of what she’s learned about color from exploring helps me also think about how I explore color and my own design work. I have felt in a rut at times, like many of us do, and I also believe it’s important to continually challenge ourselves. Carole’s article is a good kick to help us examine what we’re doing and to do some soul searching with a fresh perspective.

In addition to Carole’s article above at Wow Web Designs, I also recommend visiting her sites, netdiver network,, and a couple of her collaborative endeavors with afterchaos and Independents Day.

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