Independents Day Has Launched Its First Event

The first of the articles for Independents Day have been posted, with new articles being posted every six hours.

What is Independents Day all about? It’s designed to help promote and bring awareness to independent content:

"The independent content scene is alive and well, but is largely unknown by the general web-using public. We seek to support each other as a community, and to increase, if possible, the general public’s awareness not only of existing independent sites, but of the fact that they can create their own."

Jeffrey Zeldman, Carole Guevin, and sooz created this idea, and many have helped bring it to fruition.

Currently available is The Future of the Independent Web, 15 lighthearted predictions by Halcyon, and Aycan Gulez has written about some of the interesting independent content sites out there in What Makes an Independent Web Site Important. Looking through the listing of what’s currently available and coming up look well worth the visit.

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