Mouseovers with CSS Instead of JavaScript

Maxine Sherrin at WestCiv has a helpful new tutorial on creating mouseover effects with style sheets, Buttons without Javascript. Maxine has written this in an easy to understand way with all the code samples. If you’re wondering how others make those nifty hover effects with style sheets, Maxine’s tutorial will help you learn how. She also links to other basics about links with CSS to help you on your journey, too.

As the tutorial also mentions, creating mouseovers with JavaScript and images typically uses up more bandwidth and increases the load time. So creating this nearly identical look with style sheets has some definite advantages. It’s also fast and easy to create. Personally, some of the most fun I have is playing with the hover effects. You don’t need to know a whole lot of CSS to create them, either. The key is to make sure they’re user friendly by making sense and being consistently used throughout your site.

So if you haven’t tried style sheets yet, trying Maxine’s tutorial for creating this mouseover effect is a great place to get your feet wet. She also links on over to introductory material if you need it, too.

And if you’re already familiar with style sheets but would like to learn some new tricks, it’s great for that, too. More terrific style sheets info for the bookmarks!

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