What To Do With Too Little or Too Much Content?

In Friday morning’s issue of my I-Design digest I’m mentioning Wendy Peck’s tutorials and tips at’s Graphics Experts section. With at least 40-50 tutorials now, Wendy has been diligently writing such easy to understand tutorials all about graphics, photographs, layout, navigation, and more for the Web.

Wendy’s latest tutorial, That Darn Content 2, is the 2nd on the topic of content, this one on creating appealing and workable layouts when faced with very little content. (The first on this topic, That Darn Content, covers layouts for an abundance of content.) Wendy covers CSS versus font tags, managing a site, and working with your content for appealing layouts. She also addresses balance and weight, the use of illustrations to enhance or replace words, ideas for finding good content, and balance with graphics and color.

If you’re an experienced designer you can always pick up some fresh ideas and some pointers. If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn a ton from each of these very well done tutorials.

Dreamweaver 4 Weekend Crash Course - link to Amazon.comBy the way, Wendy has also written a terrific book on Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver 4 Weekend Crash Course. If you want to get up to speed quickly with Dreamweaver, it includes Wendy’s wonderful easy to understand writing style and will take you a long way with learning the ropes of Dreamweaver 4.

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