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How’s Your Reputation?

Of Google, Amazon and Weblogs: reputation management evolves by David Walker,, explores how we find the good stuff on the Web. His article mentions, Epinions, Google, Daypop, and Userland Software as examples of technology that allow visitors to vote for their favorites, make comments and recommendations, and assess the numbers of links to pages on the Web.

According to Walker, Jakob Nielsen may have coined the term "reputation manager" in a 1999 article, Reputation Managers are Happening. Regardless of where the term originated, word of mouth is an important aspect of your online success, whether via comments, links, or other means. Providing quality content and a user friendly site will go a long way, as people will naturally spread the word about your site. Building your site’s reputation in this way can make a big difference in addition to doing the usual search engine registrations, site optimizing, and other means of spreading the word.

Even if you have a well-known business like IBM or McDonald’s, without great content, why would people visit the site and also visit more than once or tell others? IBM is growing a positive reputation for its quality Web articles, so I visit there often, and I see their site being linked to with increasing frequency.

So managing your online reputation is an important consideration from my view on this side of the computer screen. Reading Walker’s article is a good place to start your own brainstorming or build on it further.

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