Setting Up a Web Design Business

Lee Creek wrote an informative article for WDVL this week with helpful insight on what’s needed to get your web design business up and running without costing a fortune. He runs through ideas and recommendations for hardware, software, and advertising. And he gives some good advice about how to treat your customers and the importance of word of mouth.

I also found myself agreeing with much of what he wrote from my own firsthand experience setting up a web design business almost 5-1/2 years ago now. I considered what I’d need to get started (a good computer, Internet connection, printer, and software) and then added equipment as I went along, such as a scanner and a color printer (my other printer is a laser printer for black and white printing only). I was able to get started this way without taking out a small business loan, although many do take this route, too.

Speaking of loans, Lori Bennett-Tetrick shared her story of getting business funding last year to start her web design business in A new web designer’s quest for business funding, an article for She wrote candidly about the hoops to be jumped through, the paperwork that was needed, and she even provided her list of equipment that she presented to procure her loan. This is another insightful article to help get your business started.

Another good article on creating your own web business is by Bonnie Bucqueroux, Becoming Your Own Boss: 10 points to ponder before you unplug (also for Bonnie covers things like insurance, legal matters, promotion, training needed, software and hardware, vacation time, balancing your business with some time off with friends and family, and more.

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