Pixelview: Behind the Scenes with Independent Content Designers, Developers, and Others

The head lemur, whose articles are seen at A List Apart (under his other name of Alan Herrell) has created a new section at the lemurzone, Pixelview, for interviews of independent content designers, developers, and others. As of this morning, you’ll find interviews with LMichelle (fem*mass, Inflatable Sheep), Jeff Clark (Internet Brothers, AORTAL), Doc Searls (senior editor for Linux Journal, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, Doc Searls), Joe Jenett (CoolStop, i2K), and yours truly, Shirley Kaiser, with my new tag name, 'Renaissance Woman.'

At Pixelview you’ll find out what we did before the Web, including Jeff Clark’s caped crusader days, my days in banking watching all the bank robbers come and go, and other stories. Along the way you’ll find out why we’re here, what we think, the tools we use, advice for others, and more. I certainly found the interviews enjoyable to read, and it’s fascinating to see what everyone else did before coming to the Web and how they got here. My one complaint is that there isn’t a photo of Jeff Clark in his cape.

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