George Harrison of the Beatles Passes On

No words can express my sadness to hear the news of George Harrison’s passing from this earth Thursday afternoon. He quietly influenced the entire world with his music, his messages of love, peace, kindness, and the life that he led in much the same way. He was a deeply spiritual man, which came out in his music and in the way he lived. His longtime friend, Gavin De Becker stated, "He died with one thought on his mind--love one another."

I grew up with the Beatles. Their presence changed the world of music as we knew it, and they have positively influenced the lives of millions of people over the years. George Harrison has always been the quieter one of the group, but his presence and influence were very powerful. George Harrison wrote quite a few of their hits, too. Here are just a few titles of his compositions with links to their lyrics when the Beatles were together:
Here Comes the Sun
My Sweet Lord
If Not For You
and George Harrison’s Web site, All Things Must Pass.

George will be missed. The world is truly a better place because he was in it.

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