Zeldman on XHTML: Benefits, Guidelines and Tips

Jeffrey Zeldman has put together very helpful lecture notes on XHTML tips, guidelines, tools, and resources. In simple terms he explains what XHTML is and its benefits, the differences between XML, XHTML and HTML, guidelines for using XHTML, transitioning from HTML to XHTML, authoring tips and tools, and more.

Why bother learning XHTML? Zeldman explains that very well in these lecture notes. Briefly here, though:

  • XHTML is a cleaner, more logical markup.
  • It’s far more flexible than HTML with being accessible to wireless devices, screen readers and other devices for the disabled (which helps by leaps and bounds with meeting accessibility guidelines and the U.S. 508 guidelines).
  • It’s a simple transition to learn as the Web moves toward increasingly more XML.
  • It’s been the W3C recommendation since 1999, replacing HTML 4.01.

If you already know HTML, you can learn XHTML in a short amount of time. It’s really that easy, and Zeldman’s notes will help you along the way. They’re terrific.

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