Frequent Questions Answered

Who or what is the "Foo" that you see referred to all over the Web? Can you get a page to break in a certain spot for printing? Why are there gaps in your table layout? How do you get a background image in a table cell not to tile in Netscape? How do you prevent someone from stealing your source code? Rudy Limeback has generously compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions at his site’s new Frequent Questions Answered page.

The twist here is that he’s listed the answers, not the questions. But he doesn’t leave you guessing the question. His legend tells you to hover your mouse over the pushpin graphic for the question to pop up.

Rudy’s provided a fun approach to finding answers to those nagging questions. Now you can just bookmark his FQA page (or individually bookmark a question) and find them all in one spot and refer others who ask those frequent questions. Helpful resource.

While you’re there check out Rudy’s new site design. It’s created with XHTML, CSS, and is another tables-free layout example. While taking advantage of features supported in the newer browsers, the site also still works fine and looks OK in Netscape 4 browsers.

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