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Bobby Adds New Features

Bobby, the popular tool for online checking of your Web pages for accessibility, is now offering Bobby Worldwide. This new version checks for Section 508 Guidelines and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from the Web Access Initiative. Here’s a highlight of their features from today’s e-mail announcement:

Bobby WorldWide offers you new analysis and ease-of-use features that help you analyze your site. Bobby WorldWide can:

  • Analyze your site using the Section 508 guidelines
  • Test more pages in a single session
  • Analyze your site using WAI Conformance A, WAI Conformance AA, or WAI Conformance AAA guidelines
  • Provide more user-friendly analysis reports
  • Test pages that use Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
  • Provide better detection of HTML file types in Frame source

As always, they still offer the free analysis online. If you wish to test in batch, their downloadable version is available for purchase.


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