Weekend Distractions: Artwork and Explorations

Here are a couple of sites that are well worth sitting back to explore with your favorite beverage, favorite person, fire in the fireplace, good music on the stereo. They’re two very different sites that will take you on two very different journeys.

  1. The Artwork of Greg Martin
    Four stunning galleries of amazing artwork of space—cataclysms, planetscapes, of the heavens, earthscapes.

    “I believe that art should be something that makes you sit up and take notice. One of the best ways to do this is with light. When I create my images, I endeavor to make the picture as dynamic as it can possibly be short of physically taking you and pushing you out into space... aside from the fact that that would be kind of rude...”

  2. The Once and Future Web: Worlds Woven by the Telegraph and Internet, An exhibition presented by The National Library of Medicine.
    Fascinating exhibit that explores communication from the telegraph to the Internet—how they’ve influenced our lives, integrated into our lives, saved lives, changed our lives, and much more. Beautifully done.

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