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CSS for TV?

The W3C’s CSS Working Group is working away, this time releasing a Working Draft of CSS TV Profile 1.0. They’re asking for feedback for this new working draft based on CSS 2. This is specifically tailored to meet the needs of interactive televsion sets like MSN TV (formerly WebTV).

Some designers don’t know or may not even care how their sites look on WebTV. Maybe you don’t have enough viewers to spend endless hours trying to make your sites accommodate them. Using a style sheet to tailor sites for these devices is a faster, easier way to go, though, and if it doesn’t take long, then why not? There are also other design considerations, of course, but that can be part of building cross-browser, cross-compatible sites.

By the way, you can download a WebTV Viewer to your computer to see how sites are rendered. The latest version includes helpful tips and tools to help your site work better, too.

What I find especially handy with this Working Draft is its color-coded charts showing what selectors and properties are or aren’t supported. That’s a quick way to see what will and won’t be available.

Don’t know anyone using WebTV? While my own stats show very few visitors with WebTV, I’ve seen from design discussion lists that there are entire communities that rely on WebTV and web designers that need to build sites specifically for them. So this will help them especially. For the rest of us, it can be a time-efficient way to accommodate even the smaller percentages of our visitors.

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