Lots of 2001 Tributes and Memories

It’s been quite a year, and in many different ways for each of us. All around the Web are lots of lists with the best of something, such as:

Then there are the best and worst lists:

For photos covering 2001:

The pivotal 9/11 date has been etched in our lives forever. That day is not something that we "get over" but instead will continue to carry with us forever in some way. So many have awakened to what really matters in this life, and so many good things have come out of it, while at the same time so many lives were lost and their loved ones and friends will sorely miss them. We’ll all miss them, and we’ll miss our lives before that day.

I continue to hope and pray that what happened also helps us remember to appreciate each other every single day, to treat each other with kindness, to remember tolerance for those who are different from us, and to encourage peaceful existence among nations and among each other throughout the world.

On a personal note:
I’m thankful for this year because, despite the incredible challenges we’ve faced, I’ve also been so blessed with the two most amazing children I could ever hope to have, family that I’d want to be friends with even if they weren’t family, friends that I’m so thankful to have in my life, and terrific clients with my business that continues to thrive.

Now to lose that 5 lbs. and exercise more this coming year, that is, after the tasty holiday cookies and candies have disappeared and the world’s worst cold has left me alone so I can sleep, breathe, and no longer look like Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.

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