Tender Thoughts and Tribute For Sept. 11

I can’t close out the year without saying something again about what happened September 11th. Richard Guyon of Ricon Web Design just submitted an amazingly heartfelt and touching Flash movie, World Trade Center Tribute, a tribute to the events from that day, for the Attack on America section at Brainstorms and Raves. Keep the tissue handy--tears streamed down my cheeks throughout, and I sobbed thinking of those who lost their lives, their loved ones, everyone who experienced the attacks, and remembering the helplessness so many of us felt watching the events unfold on the TV, from rooftops, from everywhere.

I’m also reminded of how everyone rallied around instantaneously, pitching in to help in whatever ways we could. This trying time truly showed what we’re made of, and not at all just the U.S. People throughout the world have rallied in all kinds of ways. It certainly helps me as I also think about the fighting going on, the bombs blasting, and the continued wars. There are no easy answers to all of this, and how I wish there could be, although life doesn’t always present itself that way.

It’s a very touching, tender tribute. My thanks to Richard for sending this URL to me.

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