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I pay attention to people’s email sigs and love to explore. Today another one caught my eye and led me to an amazing collection of over 8,400 libraries from 130 countries all over the world at Michael Sauers' The WWW Library Directory. In addition, he has links to other lists, too, including a link to IFLANET’s Web Accessible National and Major Libraries listing.

Perhaps you’d enjoy a virtual tour of the (U.S.) National Archives Exhibit Hall where you can enjoy Picturing The Century to "timetravel throughout the 20th century in this exhibit of photographs from every decade in the last 100 years." Or you might enjoy checking out the amazing Papers Past, a massive undertaking by the National Library of New Zealand to digitize newspapers from the 19th century, where they currently have available over 300,000 pages from 20 publications.

What I’ve mentioned here barely scratches the surface, of course. Terrific resources!

By the way, Michael has also authored several books, most recently Using the Internet As a Reference Tool : A How To-Do-It Manual for Librarians (June 2001, Neal Schuman Pub.) and XHTML Essentials (September 2001, Wiley Pub.).

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