Beginning a New Year, Remembering Years Past

Meg turned 30 today. The photograph at her blog of the diaper pin shows her birthdate of 1-1-72. She wrote that 30 years seems like such a long time, that she remembers the 1980s so clearly, and that those years don’t seem so long ago. I nodded as I read along, knowing exactly what she meant.

January 1, 1972, the day Meg was born, I was in high school and I had spent the day in the snow with my boyfriend at the time, throwing snowballs, laughing endlessly, and ringing in the new year. Most amazing to me, though, is to realize that day was 30 years ago. It’s funny how seeing that date on Meg’s photo zoomed that day back so clearly that I now remember it like yesterday, even though I hadn’t thought of that for years.

Meg also ponders:

". . .  I don’t feel grown up. I don’t know, I think there’s been a mistake somewhere along the way, an accounting error of sorts. I can’t possibly be 30. I think there’s a typo on my diaper pins, surely I’m not a day over 25."

So should I tell Meg that she’ll probably still feel 25 when she’s in her 40s, too? Even my grandma in her late 80s told me that she was still shocked to look in the mirror and see an old gray-haired lady staring back at her, as she still felt 16 inside. No wonder she lived so long. (She was 91 when she died May 17, 1982.)

Happy Birthday to Meg and Happy New Year to the rest of us. I wish lots of love and memorable times to everyone. You never know when a sweet memory will come creeping back into your mind, too.

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