Web Menus with Beauty and Brains: Wendy Peck’s Latest Book

Wendy Peck, well known for her regular tutorials and tips as’s Graphics Expert, has a new book out, Web Menus with Beauty and Brains.

Just released December 15, Wendy’s latest book is all about creating terrific navigation menus that are user friendly, logical, and visually appealing. A CD-Rom is included with lots of templates, examples, and try-outs of many Web design and graphics products. Although I just ordered it and haven’t yet seen it, I’m sure it’s filled with Wendy’s usual inviting writing style that’s easy to understand, humorous, and insightful. (After I’ve read it, I’ll be sure to write more about it here!)

By the way, Wendy also wrote the highly successful and popular book, Dreamweaver 4 Weekend Crash Course.

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