Web Standards - Why, How

Meryl Evans provides us with terrific information about standards in her new article, Why and How of Web Standards. She interviews Jeffrey Zeldman, Molly Holzschlag, and Alan K'necht, and reviews XHTML and CSS and how easy they are to implement.

This new article helps explain not only what standards are but why they matter to site owners, designers and developers, software companies, Web surfers, and the rest of us. Meryl also explains how easy XHTML is to implement and walks through the highlights. This one is definitely bookmark-worthy.

While you’re there, Meryl just opened an Articles section at her site with some great articles about standards, web design and development, technology, the Web. She also reviews books (tech and fiction), interviews fascinating people, and writes an always interesting and fun weblog, Meryl’s Notes.


Lots more on standards, CSS, design, XHTML:

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