High Quality Old Fashioned Clipart

old fashioned gramaphone J.O.D.’s Old Fashioned Black and White Clipart is a fun adventure back in time. Joan O'Donovan has done a fine job of creating a beautiful collection of black and white clipart images. Not only that, they’re all free for personal or non-commercial use with a link back to her site.

antique key imageI’ve visited quite a few clipart sites over time, so often leaving disappointed by the lack of quality, originality, or both. At Old Fashioned Clipart, though, I think you’ll enjoy what you see.

There is a good variety of categories from which to choose, such as transportation, sailing ships, reading & writing, trees, animals, and all kinds of people, objects, scrolls, flourishes, icons, and more. compass imageShe also provides links to more black and white clipart sites, too.

Resources’s Graphics Resources section has an annotated listing to more high quality clipart, photos, illustrations, and more.

Interested in weblog, blog templates? Check the Templates category in the Links section here at Brainstorms and Raves for some great ones.

Looking for music-related graphics? Check out my popular Music Images for themed sets and individual images.

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Update October 2006

Unfortunately, J.O.D.’s Old Fashioned Black and White Clipart site is gone and there is no replacement, although the same person still has JOD’s Genealogy Graphics.

In addition, J.O.D.’s Old Fashioned Black and White Clipart site’s domain name is now owned by someone else promoting activities that I actively block from this site, so I’m especially glad I spotted this one and removed the link. Ugh.

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