More on PDF and Accessibility

After reading Monday’s post on PDF and Accessibility, Thomas Vander Wal kindly shared some insight with me about PDF and accessibility issues. Here’s a snippet of what he wrote:

There is one element in Adobe Acrobat that does not meet the Government’s 508 compliance, if this is a yard stick for accessibility. The element is complex tables, which do not have PDF tags available to help make the tables compliant. . .

To keep it clear a complex table is one that has more than one set of header rows and often one of the header rows would span a selection of other rows. An example would be a table showing fiscal quarters of the year and the months that fall within these quarters, which would then show rows of related numbers. The top two rows create a complex header as each quarter header spans three rows and defines the months directly below them. Voice readers will capture these relationships quite well with the use of 'scope tags' in HTML. Unfortunately PDF does not have a corresponding tag."

Unfortunately indeed.

Thomas discusses this in more detail at his always interesting Off the Top weblog. My thanks again to Thomas for sharing this very helpful and important detail about PDF accessibility.

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