Olympics 2002 Site, Continued

Words are buzzing about the Olympics 2002 site’s accessibility lockout that I wrote about Wednesday. WebReference’s Andy King wrote an information-packed, interesting review about both accessibility and usability issues (thanks to Meryl). And there’s been buzz at both Slashdot and Metafilter expressing almost as many viewpoints as there are people in this world.

As I commented earlier today at Slashdot,

I don’t feel it’s sufficient that most but not all people can access the Olympics site. That could be said about sidewalks without ramps for wheelchairs, too—most people can step up the step fine, so why bother with ramps. Some people just don’t get it until they’re the ones in the wheelchairs. Yet others are donating their Saturdays to pouring the cement and paying for the supplies, too. Seems to be the way the world goes around.

Rudy Limeback let me know of’s new article by Martin Burns about the 2002 Olympics site accessibility problems, too.

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