Combining Phones and PDAs

I can’t imagine life without my PDA, a Handspring Visor. It keeps track of my schedule, reminds me of things to do, stores names and addresses, I can jot quick notes into it, type documents, and even download a map with directions to find my way. Overall it really helps make my life easier.

For me a PDA is a necessity, not just a fun toy, although there are plenty of fun games for PDAs, too!

The other necessity is my cell phone. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been so grateful to have it.

What about combining the cell phone and the PDA? I’ve been watching the evolving efforts of combining these two devices into one unit. Personally, if combined I’d want the larger screen of the PDA but the smaller size of my cell phone, for starters. Mike Langley of Mercury Center seems to feel the same way, as he writes about Handspring’s Treo in his review, Handspring’s phone-PDA combo is a dud.

I’m enjoying watching from the sidelines for now. So far I haven’t seen anything to convince me to change from my current arrangement of a separate cell phone and a PDA, but it’s fascinating to me to watch this technology evolve.

Check out for annotated links to more handheld and wireless device information and sites.

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