All About Icons and Creating Great Ones

Iconic Communication is an excellent series of articles that goes into detail about the fine art of creating icons. Many examples are included with the reasons and ideas about why they work so well, such as Olympics symbols, logo icons and other memorable symbols, and more.

I found the above articles fascinating. We’ve all seen icons that make no sense, that don’t provide good clues for site or GUI navigation, for example. We’ve also seen icons that are so well done that we don’t even pause to click on them or wonder what they are, knowing exactly what they mean. These articles tell what makes them work or not work.

Another one for the bookmarks.

[hat tip: Sigia-L, the top-notch information architecture discussion list]


Inspiration: Icons, Their Designers and Web sites is an article that I wrote here last year about the amazing icon designers around the Web, including samples and links to some of my favorite sites.

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