Photoshop Brushes Galore

There is a wonderful abundance of well done Photoshop brushes on the Web for free. I’ve created a new section, Photoshop Brushes, at for a few of the especially good ones.

Here is just a sampling (many more new links at

  • Brushes by Pixelfield’s Mike Boles. Exceptional brushes here and beautifully displayed. Unique, unusual, and lots of them. Textures, shapes, illustrations, photo images, more. Update 29 October 2006: Pixelfield’s site is gone, no replacement.
  • DeepSpaceWeb: More than a dozen brushes were contributed here. Beautifully done, rated, good examples. Textures, shapes, stars, twirls, bubbles, rain, sparkles, buttons, more. Update 29 October 2006: DeepspaceWeb discontinued the brushes section.
  • Free Photoshop Brushes from Your Guide
    Very nice collection of brushes, including a variety of shapes, textures, designs, leaves, flowers, hearts, balloons, fish, seashell, pawprints, more. From’s Graphics Software Guide, Sue Chastain. See also the table of contents for dozens of links to more! Great resource!

There are endless possibilities using brushes. I created the image below with a few of the new brushes I found from the links here.

Photoshop brushes sample

Visit’s Photoshop Brushes section for listings of great free Photoshop brushes.

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