Opera 6.01 for Windows Released

Opera has announced its latest Windows version 6.01.

Opera Software

Did you know that Opera has the dominant position in the embedded browser market these days? (See press release below.) Opera is increasing in popularity here in the U.S. and even moreso in Europe. See the press release below and Opera’s site for their features.

You may also recall that Microsoft tried to shut out Opera from its site a couple of months ago, too. This new version is definitely a threat to Microsoft’s stronghold on the browser market.

I also wrote a review of Opera 6 for this month’s TechTalk at New Breed Librarian. I’m especially thrilled to see its dedication to supporting browser standards, and their latest versions have new interfaces with many new user-friendly features.

Here’s Opera’s press release today:

Opera 6.01 released:
Microsoft Losing Ground to Growing European Opera Trend

Oslo, Norway—February 12, 2002
Opera Software ASA today released Opera 6.01 for Windows along with the new Opera Composer, amid news that Opera is quickly gaining ground in Europe. In addition to enhancements in the browser, Opera 6.01 for Windows introduces a Lycos start-up page especially made for Opera users.

According to StatMarket, usage of Opera is soaring in several European countries. Germany, the Scandinavian countries and Russia are leading the pack, the latter with a whopping 5.8 percent market share for Opera.

"The StatMarket numbers were made public just five days after the release of Opera 6, and this positive trend has accelerated considerably during the last month," says Dean Kakridas, VP Desktop Products. "We are seeing the beginning of a great continental divide emerging between European and American Internet users. In Europe, Opera is the fashionable trend among Web connoisseurs, while the US seem to be a bit slower in catching on."

Opera 6 for Windows is the first Windows version that also displays non-Roman characters, opening up the markets in Asia and Eastern Europe to browser competition.

"Concurrent with the European wave, Asia has greeted Opera with great enthusiasm," continues Dean Kakridas, VP Desktop Products. "Particularly, the Japanese have been eager to try Opera, and we expect this trend to accelerate exponentially in the rest of Asia when we release more local language versions for these markets in the coming weeks."

"In a way Opera has now come full circle," says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO. "After having grabbed the dominant position in the embedded browser market, we are now also gaining ground where we started to fight Microsoft: on every user’s PC. For the first time since the beginnning of the Browser War, Microsoft is losing ground. Microsoft has seen this coming for a while, as evidenced by its recent lockout of other browsers to its Web properties, but I can assure everyone in Redmond that they’ve seen nothing yet."

For more information on the bugfixes in Opera 6.01 for Windows, please view the changelog.

Opera 6.01 for Windows is available immediately at www.opera.com.

The new Opera Composer lets users customize their own Web browser to distribute to family, friends, colleagues and customers. Users can set multiple or single document interface (MDI/SDI), customize the splash screen, skins, Personal Bar and Hotlist as well as extra buttons for own service, and choose language.

Everyone can customize their own browser today at composer.opera.com.

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