Design: Keeping it Simple (and Why it Matters)

Wendy Peck’s latest article at WebReference, KISS: Keep It Simple ...Why? touches on good points about simplicity with design and why it matters. In addition to soaking up all the great information in her new article, well worth exploring are the links she also provides to several of her articles, tips and site examples.

 Menus with Beauty and Brains - book cover 

Wendy expands on all this with her latest book, Menus with Beauty and Brains, which is well worth checking out, too. Her upbeat, witty writing style comes through while she explores and teaches many valuable aspects of design. Navigation is such a critical component of a site. If it isn’t simple and user-friendly, your site could flop since people won’t be able to find their way. Keeping it simple in concept goes a long way.

[See also what I wrote about Menus with Beauty and Brains last month.]

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