Wired: Olympics Site Not Medal Worthy

According to Wired, Jakob Nielsen, well-known usability expert, stated at a luncheon last Friday in San Francisco that the Olympics 2002 site meets only 66% of usability needs and ought to be redesigned.

"Salt Lake 2002 sticks to only 66 percent of those guidelines. 'That’s not a total disaster,' Nielsen said. All the site needs, he thinks, is a complete redesign."

Nielsen also stated that the site lacks in many basic and important usability features, such as no search field, far too much digging needed to find information, the photo editing lacking, and the site not being optimized for search engines. He found that the only text for the search engines reads: "This site requires javascript enabled on your browser."

My 2 cents added: If the site had been made accessibility-friendly, the search engines would be reading (and indexing) the text content right along with everyone else. As it stands now, though, the search engines are blocked along with all those without JavaScript and frames enabled (see prior posts about all this!).

Read the Wired article Olympics Site Not Medal-Worthy by Farhad Manjoo for the rest of the story.

[hat tip: Andy King, WebReference]

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