Better Living Through XHTML

Jeffrey Zeldman provides another in a long string of top-notch articles, this time on converting HTML to XHTML for A List Apart.

Everything you wanted to know about converting from HTML to XHTML, including why you’d want to, tools that help, changes in the way browsers display XHTML pages, shortcuts, bugs, workarounds, and other tips you won’t find elsewhere.

In his witty, upbeat, and engaging style, Jeffrey Z. packs in plenty of helpful tips and information all about converting your HTML to XHTML, why, what to watch out for, workarounds, terrific links to other quality resources, and more. Definitely bookmark-worthy. Tell your friends.

XHTML Resources

The XHTML section at has lots of annotated links to W3C recommendations, articles, tutorials, tools, and more for XHTML.

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