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Blogs Emerging from the Underground?

Interesting title of a February 23rd article at the National Post by James Cowan: 'Bloggers' emerge from internet underground, Sept. 11 the catalyst. September 11 brought weblogs far more media attention (and they noted Dave Winer’s Scripting News as an example of that day’s minute-by-minute coverage), but weblogs haven’t exactly been hiding by being openly available on the Internet, certainly.

Well, they’re probably not referring to the Underground News and I suspect they also don’t mean the other Underground News. But yes, it seems that the main news media is beginning to give at least some weblogs credibility. Even Brainstorms and Raves made the New York Times recently.

Beyond that point, though, the article is an interesting one that also gets into the increasing role of weblogs with companies, including the new Fox News weblog that began last Tuesday.

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