Netscape Sidebar Tabs and Opera Hotlist Panels

Opera Hotlist panel. Click on image for full screenshotOne of the many handy features of Opera 5.12 and 6 is its Hotlist panels. A similar feature in Netscape 6 is its Sidebar tabs. It’s possible to add Netscape 6 Sidebar tabs to Opera 5.12 or 6, too. I was especially thrilled to learn this so that I could add Eric Meyer’s Sidebar tabs for CSS and HTML to my Opera Hotlist panels.

You can also add regular web pages to your Opera Hotlist panel just by adding the URL and a title (see instructions below). Pages created specifically for Sidebar tabs or Hotlist panels, though, are typically designed to accommodate the chromeless Hotlist panel area and its narrow width.

Tip: The Hotlist panel window can be expanded, too, so it’s still OK to add a regular web page if you wish, but keep in mind that it’s a chromeless window, so you won’t have a Back button, for example. For pages that you’d want to click into another site, I’d suggest bookmarking instead and perhaps adding them to your Personal Bar if they’re pages you visit often.

To Add Netscape 6 Sidebar Tabs to Opera 5.12 or 6:

Using Netscape 6, you can open the Sidebar tabs at their site and get the URLs. Once you have the URLs, you can then add them to Opera’s Hotlist panel. I’ve added a few URLs below for web design and development Sidebar tabs to save you those steps for these, at least.

If you haven’t added Hotlist panels yet, it’s pretty easy to do. It will take you longer to read these directions than to actually add a new Hotlist panel.

  1. With Opera 5.12 or 6, make sure your Hotlist panel is open. (Click on the Hotlist button in the Main Bar.)
  2. Right click on any of the existing tabs, including Bookmarks, Email, Contacts tabs, or any that you’ve already added.
  3. A popup menu will appear. Click on "Add panel...."
  4. The Panel Properties popup window will appear. In the Title field, type in the title that you wish to show on your new Hotlist panel tab. Then type or copy/paste the URL in the Address field, and click OK.

Using Hotlist Panels

I’m using Opera’s Hotlist panels numerous times a week now as I work. Since the Hotlist panel can float, I often have it open on the far left of my monitor screen while working in HomeSite on markup. I can click one of the Hotlist panel links to CSS references or HTML elements, for example, to double-check the W3C recommendations or refresh my brain on a little detail.

Opera Hotlist panels and Netscape Sidebar tabs are available for many topics and interests, of course, not just web design. Below are links to where you can find some.

Netscape 6 Sidebar tab. Click on image for full screenshot.

Netscape 6 Sidebar Tabs

Here are a few links to Netscape Sidebar tabs that you can add to your Opera Hotlist panels for web design and development.

For more Sidebar tabs, visit Netscape’s My Sidebar Directory

Opera Hotlist Panels

Visit Opera’s My Opera community site for a growing list of Hotlist panels. Here are more, too:

Visit Searchengineworld’s Using Custom Panels for more tips on using Opera’s Hotlist panels.

Review of Opera

See also my review of Opera at New Breed Librarian’s Tech Talk where I review many of Opera’s helpful features.

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