The Evolution of Rollovers

Rollovers can provide helpful visual cues and have been popular all over the Internet. Initially available with JavaScript in 1997, CSS 2 now offers its hover attribute that eliminates the need for multiple images and longer page downloads. WebReference’s Andy King this week chronicles the evolution of the rollover from 1997 to today, with fascinating information, samples, valuable tips, and resources. This is another great reference for the bookmarks.

Today Andy added a cross-browser update fix (for Netscape 6 and Opera) to Eric Meyer’s vertical links with CSS. I took it a step further to allow the links to work with Netscape 4 using the @import trick, in addition to using the XHTML 1.0 transitional DTD. Here’s the link to the sample. (Keep in mind that Netscape 4 doesn’t recognize the hover tag at all.)

Update 03/14/2002: Stay tuned, as we’re working on improvements.

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