CSS and Structure vs. Presentation

Molly Holzschlag has blessed us with another great tutorial, CSS: The True Language of Web Design, Part I: The Separation of Presentation from Document Structure. There are those words again—separating presentation from structure. As Molly states,

"The primary issue in terms of CSS is first described in HTML 4, which asks for a separation of presentation and document formatting ideally, and demands it in its most strict interpretation. This means reserving CSS for design, and the document for the more straightforward structuring of content.

"But Web documents have not been historically developed that way. Instead, we have developed and learned to rely on presentational elements and attributes such as the font element and attributes for alignment, color, size, and so on. This is the most common practice in use on the Web today, but that will ideally change as the rationale and implementation for CSS grows."

Molly goes on to provide the advantages and disadvantages and an easy-to-understand interactive tutorial on how to separate style from structure. As the title states, this is just the first in a series that Molly will be writing. So stay tuned for more!

[hat tip: Meryl Evans]

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